After the war…

Как после войны...

33% of the fixed assets lost to Russia in 25 years, which is comparable to the damage caused to the economy of the Soviet Union after the great Patriotic war, said associate Professor of the Novosibirsk state University of Economics and management Dmitry Fomin on February 13 in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Conclusions are made on the basis of calculations based on the data analysis of the reduction of production capacity in Russia between 1991 and 2015, is published on the website of the Institute of Economics.

As writes the edition, according to estimates Fomin, “since the early 1990s, losses of fixed assets in Russia amounted to more than 422 trillion in 2015 prices that exceed 5% of the annual GDP of the country.”

“At full replacement value, a decline of 29.2% compared to 1991. This value indicates the size of the physical disposal of assets. The residual value of the asset was reduced by 52.6%, that is almost twice”, — said the economist in an interview.

As one of the important components out of the crisis Dmitry Fomin considers it necessary to increase to 38.7 trillion rubles of investments in human capital development by increasing the funds for development of education, science and health.

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According to “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” experts in the field of Economics has calculated that for overcoming the current crisis will require a significant financial investment in the amount of 27 to 28 trillion rubles a Detailed analysis of the depth of the economic situation in Russia, the academicians of the Institute of Economics, RAS are expected to discuss at a meeting in late February. According to their estimates, the real source of growth of investment in the economy of the country can only be a sharp decline in current consumption for residents of the Russian Federation and the launch of major investment projects. In particular, as a variant, it is proposed to cut the income is 6 times 500 thousand of the most wealthy Russians. In the main part of the population, the consumption must be cut by a third.

Recall that many Russian experts believe that even as a result of the early adoption of measures of re-industrialization a way out of crisis in the economy could take another 10-15 years. Among them, the head of the sector of economic history Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Bokarev, associate Professor of the Novosibirsk state University of Economics and management Dmitry Fomin, head of the laboratory of analysis of institutions and financial markets of the Institute of applied economic research Alexander Abramov, Director of the Institute of globalization problems Mikhail Delyagin and other.

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Editorial comment
To restore the economy after the crisis or after the damage from hostilities, as during the great Patriotic war, it is necessary to recall the example of the Soviet Union and to follow the experience of nationalization of natural resources and the use of five-year plans — economic hooplanow for the rapid development of the national economy.

First and foremost, should begin with such industries as engineering, investment, industrial construction, education, medicine, science, design and research activities, geological exploration and agriculture.

As for the above Fomin numbers, according to open sources, Russia’s GDP in 2015 is about $ 1 trillion 331 billion USD or 81.6 trillion roubles at the average annual rate of 61.3 per rubles per dollar. Accordingly, 422 trillion rubles in 2015 prices is not 5% of annual GDP, and more than five annual GDP. And the scale of losses of fixed assets for 25 years does not comparable to 5% of annual GDP. Therefore, you should put that in quotation expert crept typo.


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