At Domodedovo airport Bulk pelted with sausages

In the capital airport Domodedovo opposition politician Alexei Navalny, unidentified persons threw sausages. This news was reported by Russian media, citing the words of eyewitnesses of this incident.


В аэропорту Домодедово Навального закидали сардельками

According to the information received, Navalny arrived from Strasbourg in the morning, and accompanied his friend walked through the terminal. At this time politics ran three strangers who tried to put on the neck of Alex a necklace made out of sausages. It is noted that the opposition broke a bunch of dishes and hurried to leave the terminal. The incident was filmed on video and photo. Navalny confirmed the incident on his page in the social network and assured that the incident did not affect his work schedule, and from the airport he went to the office.

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