Bait in cold water

One of the most important techniques in the tactics of fishing is complementary feeding. By season and under different fishing conditions, and then compiled on the pond properly prepared bait solves two main tasks: to attract fish of particular types and enhancing its bite. Moreover, one should not exclude the other, on the contrary, together they represent the sum of positive effects on the underwater inhabitants at a neutral attitude to the ecology of the waterbody or specific site.

When autumn waters cool below a certain temperature, feeding activity, any white fish is significantly reduced. This is due to the slowing of digestion in the icy water of cold-blooded organisms, which include fish. Thus, in autumn the task of the angler to attract fish to the fishing spot is much more complicated. To do such a bait, to fish lures and is not saturated, and only awakened cravings for food; may even have helped speed the cleaning of the fish gut.

In addition, the main for most anglers is not just the fish, and the constant and correct certain bite fish, preferably large. And if the angler with a bait “pleased” or simply guessing, this goal is achieved by itself. Then the fish with a shortage in cold water of natural food is gradually pulled up to the place of occurrence of a sufficient number of gratuitous “treats”, its density there is growing, increasing forage competition. This leads to relatively frequent and faithful bites, when the nozzle on the hook definitely gets to the restricted area lured “Piglet”, where fish have gathered and looking for food.

So that fall is not only important bait itself but the accuracy of its filing, so as not to scatter the fish over a large area. Accordingly, to fish with a float it is necessary literally “to the point” applying for season very light snap with them and performing certain actions, that is, despite the low activity of the fish, fall fish should be most active that summer is not always required.

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The skillful initial supply of bait biting fish sooner or later becomes stable. Then another major goal for the angler is to maintain it in the active phase as long time. Except for the forced recovery of the behavior of the nozzle on the hook by manipulation with a snap is known as posting, is increasingly solved by the same bait, but only a special technique of its presentation in the water.

This technique is called “restartovanie” fish while keeping it on a starvation diet, which is very important in the autumn. Angler, given the reaction of the fish, watching the dynamics of her behavior, in the process of fishing continues to lure small portions and with a certain frequency. Reflex fish actively responds to the falling particles of food than lying on the bottom of the bait, because during the dive they are in the water column radiate vibrations, clearly audible fish, seem to have become a bit “alive”. It is clear that with such a technique of feeding a fishing spot food gradually accumulated, and this may eventually lead to fatigue of the approaching fish and the deterioration of bite. And much depends on the behaviour of the angler. He must not “lazy” not to do big time with the gear, all the time taking away with the bait “fed” the fish that in its place could get “hungry”.

The above pattern of fishing is largely an ideal, it is typical for a situation when the “interests” fish and fishing are practically the same — the fish still somehow eats and pecks, so it is hard to overfeed, even if there are significant flaws in the actions of the angler. But the real fishing cannot be considered out of touch with the current season, with the situation in a particular reservoir. Sometimes in cold water fish is fully transferred to food some of the local wildlife, then it often reacts negatively even on the best bait and on complementary feeding at all. Or another case: the fish fall fine could it be, and later responds to the first portion of the feeding, but completely stops to peck at if some time to throw in the water at least a little of the same bait.

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So the bite in cold water is often extremely capricious and fickle, and then to improve it through increasing the concentration even inactive fish to an extremely small area, thus, increasing forage competition here. There will not be enough without feeding, but not in the normal way. In this respect there are a few useful recommendations.

First of all, in cold water excessive and unskillful use of fishing bait can spoil completely. It is dangerous to give so much feed as if in a “pure” form, i.e. in the form of porridge, cereals, cakes, food waste or large additives in bait small moth and maggots. In this case there is only a short time the surge of fish and then the bite stops at all. Fish lure initially, but very quickly perekantovatsya and ceases to respond to the most delicious of the nozzle on the hook. In addition, even in cold water a couple of days remaining at the bottom of the excess of feed will deteriorate under the action of bacteria and will release toxic substances, dispersing all life in the area. So, thoughtless, inept anglers “spoil” a good place on the water. Therefore, especially in autumn should be avoided trodden “snout” on the shore.

Worked in the sport fishing practice of raising fish shows that the most effective of every season is the use of the mixed bait formulations based on balanced in terms of catching feature set. All of them have to be thoroughly shredded — fine particles feed the fish for a short time to saturate, it is hardly possible, and “surplus” will still get to the fry, which is a lot, they grow fast and are always hungry, and this food they are quite “tough”.

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