Become aware of the causes of fatigue

Стали известны причины появления усталостиDoctors have told, which usually tired people and why can’t rejuvenate during sleep.

For a person the feeling of fatigue is not uncommon. The reasons for this can serve as mental stress, physical activity, the process of recovery from infectious and other diseases. But the weakness in the body and “left hand” should not haunt a person continuously 24 hours a day. At least, it is not considered the norm.

According to doctors, relaxation and 7-hour sleep is must to remove stress and rejuvenate. If this does not happen and the person continues to feel crushed, then the probability that he has any comorbidities increases.

The six most common causes of fatigue:

1. Iron-deficiency anemia. If in addition to fatigue and General weakness you have shortness of breath and pale face, it makes sense to take the blood test to establish whether the place to be anemic.

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2. Depressive disorder. With this diagnosis a person feels not only tired physically but also mentally. In the case when you want to lie down and nothing to think, and all around you live a full life, then you should go to a therapist, who will find the cause of depression and help you cope with this disease in the shortest time.

3. Cardiovascular disease. Often to fatigue in disorders of the heart added such symptoms as shortness of breath, chest pain left side, feeling short of breath and so on. It is advisable not to self-medicate and do not put off going to the doctor, who will make the correct diagnosis and help the person come back to life.

4. Diseases of the stomach. Usually ulcer and those with gastritis, feel tired and very weak. Plus, the added constant nausea, heartburn, pain in the solar plexus to the navel. The first thing to solve health problems, and then the fatigue goes away.

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5. A deficiency of vitamins in the body. Especially clearly expressed weakness in the body lack of b vitamins Also cause fatigue may become deficient in vitamin D. To become active again, you have to adjust food and more fresh air.

6. Problems with the thyroid gland. This body plays a very important role in a person’s life. With reduced function of the thyroid gland stands out less hormones, hence the bad mood and fatigue.

Doctors advise more attentive to their health. If health is getting worse every day, it is not necessary to postpone the trip to the clinic to the therapist, who will refer the person to a suitable specialist.

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