Buzzfeed told about a failed secret plan of the Kremlin

The Russian authorities suggested to the administration to trump a plan for the rapid normalization of relations, but did not meet with understanding.

Buzzfeed рассказал о неудавшемся тайном плане Кремля

American portal Buzzfeed announced a plan for rapid normalization of bilateral relations, which the Russian authorities suggests that the administration of Donald trump soon after his inauguration as President.

According to the newspaper, the plan, which was submitted to the White house in April, presented a roadmap for full-scale normalization of relations, including the full restoration of diplomatic and military channels of communication and contacts between intelligence services.

After approval of the plan, the us side proposed to organize a meeting of special representative of the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Krutskikh with American colleagues to discuss issues of cybersecurity, and in may had to be organized bilateral consultations on the Iranian nuclear deal, the Ukraine, North Korea and Afghanistan. It was also intended to conduct personal meetings of the heads of U.S. intelligence and the chief of the Pentagon with their Russian colleagues.

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According to Buzzfeed, the White house and the state Department did not challenge the authenticity of the document; wherein the source, the state Department said that Washington Russian proposals were considered unrealistic.

What Buzzfeed in January, a few days before the inauguration of trump, published the so-called “Russian dossier” on the future President of the United States. It is based lay memoranda of the ex-MI6 agent, which immediately warned when published, contained unconfirmed and unverified information, and obvious mistakes.

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Of these notes, in particular, it is possible to know that the FSB allegedly has dirt on trump about his meetings with prostitutes at the Ritz Carlton during a visit to Moscow in 2013.

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