By 1970 the volume of production of the USSR 3-4 times have to exceed the American

К 1970 году объем производства СССР в 3-4 раза должен был превысить американский 
The candidate in presidents of the United States Stevenson assessed the situation so that if the rate of growth of production in Stalin’s Russia continue, by 1970 the volume of production is 3-4 times higher than the us. Only the murder of Stalin and the betrayal of the Trotskyite group of Khrushchev stopped the development of the Soviet Union and deliberately began to enter the country in a mode of stagnation and deficiency.

In the September issue of Narional Business in 1953 in the article Herbert Harris “the Russians catch up to us” noted that the Soviet Union in terms of economic power ahead of any country and that they are currently in the USSR is 2-3 times higher than in the US.

In 1991, the Soviet-American Symposium, when our “Democrats” began to squeal about the “Japanese economic miracle”, a great “slap” to them gave Japanese billionaire Heros Teravama: “You do not talk about the main — about your primary role in the world. In 1939 you Russians were smart, and we Japanese fools. In 1949, you became more intelligent, and yet we were fools. And in 1955, we have become smarter, and you turned into a 5-year-olds. Our whole economic system is almost completely copied from yours, the only difference is that we have capitalism, private producers, and we more than 15% growth never reached, and you are in the public ownership of the means of production reached 30% or more. In all of our businesses are hanging your Stalinist slogans of the time”.

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One of the best representatives of the faithful workers, a revered Saint Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea, wrote: “Stalin kept Russia. He showed what it means to Russia for the rest of the world. And because I as an Orthodox Christian and Russian patriot bow down to comrade Stalin”.

The store was the abundance and variety of food and manufactured goods, and there was no concept of deficit. The choice of food in grocery stores was much wider than in modern supermarkets. Now, only in Finland you can try the sausage, reminiscent of those of Soviet times. Banks with crabs were all Soviet stores. The quality and variety of consumer goods and food, exclusively domestic production was disproportionately higher modern consumer goods and food. As soon as a new trend in fashion, they are instantly tracked, and after a couple of months fashionable products have appeared in abundance on the shelves.

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Wages in 1953 ranged from 800 to 3000 rubles and above. Miners and metallurgists have received up to 8,000 rubles. Young professional engineer to 1300 rubles. Secretary of the Communist party received 1,500 rubles, and the salary of professors and academicians were often above 10,000 rubles.

The car “Moskvich” was worth 9000 R., white bread (1 kg) — 3 R, brown bread (1 kg) 1 R, beef (1 kg) is 12.5 R., Zander fish — 8,3 R., milk (1 l) and 2.2 R., potatoes (1 kg) 0,45 R., Zhigulevsk beer (0,6 l) and 2.9 R., cotton (1 m) and 6.1 R. lunch in the dining room — 2 p. evening in the restaurant for two, with a good dinner and a bottle of wine, 25 p.

And all this abundance and a comfortable life has been achieved, despite the contents of 5.5 million, armed to the teeth with modern weapons, the best army in the world!

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