Consumption of cucumbers makes you better at the genetic level

Потребеление огурцов делает вас лучше на генетическом уровне

Professor Lai YS from the German Institute for the Research of Biosinteza and Biogenesis in Alburg discovered previously unknown properties of cucumber. In addition, he found that once again public property has a genetic effect on humans.

Gene, CRF 1 ( cucumber regulation factor) – does not condition any of the functions in the human body, but he comes from the normal genome of the cucumber and is embedded in the human genome and further is transmitted through the maternal line. A group of researchers argues that it is the first open phenomenon of natural genetic engineering, but sure not the only one. It is possible that such a discovery of gene transfer from plants to humans due to the increased attention specifically to man and his food diet . Previously, many scientists have found CRF 1 protein in the serum and interstitial fluid, however, took this discovery to artifacts and errors methods of chromatography. Scientists have made the assumption that the CRF1 gene has regulatory functions and through a series of cascade reaction controls the activity of other genes, especially those which meet asexually activity, orientation, and intelligence.

Dr. Lai YS said that earlier this gene was not detected because most of the researchers, little attention has been paid to mitochondrial genome sequencing of somatic genome is simply not allowed to allocate the CRF 1 gene. In addition, the constant replication of mitochondrial DNA leads to permanent deletion guaninom ends of the gene, leading to its deletion. It is the fact that the gene integrates into mitochondrial DNA, explains the heritability in the female line.

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How goes the CRF 1 gene hits in the human genome?

The majority of proteins and nucleic acids dissolves in the stomach, but a small proportion passes through the gastrointestinal tract and there integrates into the genome through an intermediate virus or intracellular bacteria. Such bacteria as chlamydia can be the role of the vector, however, they live more often in the urinary-genital system. Here a group of scientists does not exclude that the DNA of a cucumber goes through an intermediate host chlamydia or virus.

As the consumption of cucumbers affects a person?

Professor Lai YS investigated the effect of consumption of cucumbers in different groups of volunteers. Among men and women of all ages there is an increase in cognitive abilities ( which is associated with production of BDNF protein, which depends on the activity of the gene CRF1), an increase in libido, decrease in aggression and a tendency to creative activity . The disadvantage of the consumption of cucumbers led to a decrease in cognitive abilities, to conservatization attitudes, homophobic attitudes, racism. In women, the decline in intelligence is often manifested in unusual socialization. According to Dr. Lai YS one patient previously quite adequate suddenly began to send letters via messengers to their friends. Lai YS finds such manifestations is not the first bell, and long advanced stage of dementia. “If you were sent a “letter of happiness”, do not hurry to rejoice” says Dr. Lai YS – “most likely, your friend is in trouble and it is necessary to advise a cucumber”. “We don’t know exactly which way the DNA of the cucumber falls in person, so I recommend long and not very thick cucumbers” – said the Professor.

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Currently, a double blind, placebo controlled study on the effect of the consumption of cucumbers in various forms of decline of intelligence and disorders of libido. “ I just leave the boxes with cucumbers in a conspicuous place and leave patients without care,” – says Professor- “ the results are incredible and will soon be published.”

“Whether it is necessary to isolate the gene from cucumber? Why?” – asks the Professor – “We have a great delivery path into the body! Why do something complicated? “

When conducting the research complied with the principles of randomized clinical trials. No one received any material remuneration.

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