Doctors called the best sources of protein

Медики назвали лучшие источники протеинаThese products contain a considerable amount of protein.

There is now a person who has not heard that proteins are good and fast carbs — bad. This repeat at each corner on the Internet, but when it comes to the development of a real diet, novice consumers come to a standstill. How much protein the body needs when it is and where to get.

Sports forums talk a lot about what you need to eat meat and cheese, but are silent about the fact that full of protein and other less popular products. In all of this, it often happens that the benefits of these products is much higher. Experts told about where best to get the protein and not to the hole in the budget.


Championship of the best sources of animal protein certainly belongs to chicken eggs. Egg can not be compared even beef, especially in the ratio “price-quality”. Bodybuilders and athletes know about the undoubted superiority of eggs over all other sources of protein and used for protein diets. And it is not necessary to separate the whites from the yolks, they contain useful amino acids, among which there are a lot essential.


Fish — a real fount of useful proteins, fatty acids omega-3 and micronutrients. Fish proteins are digested by 93-98%, while meat protein – 87-89%. In addition, protein fish contain lots of this important essential amino acid, methionine. Tuna — a record for the amount of protein in the fish, and it contains about 24 per cent.

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Milk protein is extremely rich, but difficult to digest. Cheese is the most resource in terms of proteins and is able to provide the body with the necessary range of essential amino acids. In addition, milk proteins needed to stabilize the level of cholesterol in the blood.


Beef saturated useful in protein and contains essential amino acids and sufficient amounts of zinc, iron and other micronutrients necessary for body functioning.

Greek yogurt

Unsweetened yogurt which has not become a familiar dish on our tables, contains about 16 grams of protein per 100 grams of product. It has no sugar, which already makes it preferable for those who follow the diet, and in Greek yogurt is full of bifidobacteria, which will do your stomach good.

Canned fish

Such fish are processed by method of preservation, but still full of life-giving protein and requires no cooking. In addition, it is inexpensive and is able to satiate the hunger of the muscle pumped athlete.

Powder protein

When you next time ask about proteins and steroids, can safely laugh in the face of the questioner, because protein powder is one of the best available sources of protein, which is suitable not only for athletes, but ordinary people with protein deficiency.

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Chicken breast has become a proverb in all the sports pages and it is to earn the title of best protein foods. Even if there is no time to cook convenience foods, buy instead a pair of burgers, one grilled chicken in the supermarket and get an ideal protein lunch.


Besides the fact that they are full of vegetable protein, they contain huge amounts of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber. They do not deteriorate and are well suited for snacking. The best nut in terms of benefits for the body is recognized as almonds.


Quinoa (keen-WA, quinoa) is an annual plant, growing on the slopes of the Andes. Considered pseudoterranova culture. But for the ancient Incas, quinoa was one of the three main sources of food. The Incas called it “the Golden grain”. Quinoa is rich in protein, including essential amino acids that the body needs. Amino acid composition of grains is similar to cow’s milk. In addition of protein in the cereal contain carbohydrates, fat, fibre, minerals and b vitamins Quinoa is rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus, the amount of which is not inferior to the fish.

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