Doctors revealed the cause of death Tabakov

Медики раскрыли причину смерти ТабаковаAs reported by the hospital doctor, actor, died very quietly.

“I can only say one thing – he left without suffering,” – said the chief physician of the First city hospital of Moscow, where he died Tabakov, Alexey Light.

82-year-old Tabakov hospitalized in the afternoon of 27 Nov 2017. It became known later that doctors diagnosed him with “sepsis”, which was dental implants.

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It was reported that the artist has established tracheostomy – an artificial windpipe.

In early December, the Vice-mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov said that tobacco is in intensive care with a diagnosis of “complicated necrotizing pneumonia”.

24 Dec actor became worse. His condition was described as extremely heavy, though he remained conscious.

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1 January 2018 TV channel REN TV reported that the status of Tabakov has improved, and on 7 January – it worsened again.

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