Doctors told how to treat chicken pox

Медики рассказали, как правильно лечить ветрянкуThe doctors gave good advice for the treatment of unpleasant diseases.

One of the most common viral infections — varicella or, as they call her, chickenpox, triggered by a herpes virus and is transmitted by airborne droplets, informs Basically, chickenpox sick children under the age of 12 years, but sometimes it happens, when adults are infected, or re-that very rarely or for the first time, not been ill as a child.

The “friendly” symptoms are red spots, gradually turning into bubbles, and increased body temperature. A few days after the rash these bubbles burst, but they are so badly scratched that the kids do not stand up and comb them, thereby leaving in place the bottle of scar. Usually, the rash smear green paint or fukortsin, these medicinal tinctures, dried the vesicles of varicella, and also they tend to block the further spread of the rash on the body of the patient.

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Special treatment for varicella does not exist, and doctors, in turn, believe him and do not need to develop as chickenpox is a serious disease causing any complications. In many countries, even made specifically to drive their child to a place where there is a patient with chicken pox, the baby was infected, and had been ill in childhood. In children chickenpox occurs in mild form, there may be a slight fever, but no more than two days, the rest of the incubation period, the infected can be disturbed by a terrible itching all over my body.

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Doctors recommend bed rest during chicken pox and give the patient to drink plenty of water and eat liquid food. To slightly reduce itching, you can give the infected one of the antihistamines, such as: levocetirizine or just cetirizine.

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