Eco-cryptocurrency of the Czech miners use the energy for growing tomatoes

Эко-криптовалюта: чешские майнеры используют энергию для выращивания томатовThus cryptocurrency ceases to be non-sustainable.

Many experts emphasize the dangers of mining to the environment the excess energy absorption, excess heat, and other disadvantages. However, as it turned out, the cons can be converted into advantages. In particular, it proved one of the founders of crypto currency exchange NakamotoX.

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Kamil Brejcha established startup that has developed a technology of using heat generated by the equipment for mining for the benefit of agriculture. In particular, heat is used to heat greenhouses in which to grow tomatoes.

Bracha told that the startup has managed quite successfully to use the heat from mining for these purposes. In particular, he reported on the harvest of tomatoes, 5 acres of land. Previously, the startup wanted to do the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes. However, the Czech legislation regulates such business. So Braha decided to choose the industry is “simpler” and is now growing tomatoes.

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