Fall for the carp

The long-entrenched belief that in the cool autumn water-loving carp, crucian carp and tench stop feeding. They seem to recede into the deepest places and deposited there for the winter. And yet there is a myth that carp generally buries itself in bottom mud, where it falls into hibernation for the whole winter. I think it is not, because in recent years it has become widely distributed fishing for carp and carp off the ice.

The practice of fishing in recent decades, when the climate was much warmer, clearly shows? the seasonal behavior of any fish not so much due to water temperature, but mainly to the complex environmental conditions prevailing in a particular water body. Also the habits of different fish, including carp and carp, are largely determined by the age and her size.
So, the most common silver carp all year round leads an active life, and hence does not cease to feed. Similar to its behavior close to the lifestyle of bream, especially in deep ponds, lakes and quarries, where even in relatively severe winters to maintain a normal oxygen saturation, allowing to survive it’s not only the carp, but other fish, including “wild”, released on the free bread to the carp.

On such bodies of water, populated with fish of different species, crucian carp and carp up to freeze-up maintain sufficient mobility necessary to search for food. This is because here they are under constant competition from fellow and numerous trivia. In the end, the carp and crucian carp do not have time to accumulate the required amount of fat, which makes in cold water often consume unusual food for them, in particular, sometimes become fierce predators, massively destroying the fry or the dominant in the pond trifle, for example, verkhovka, bitterling gudgeon or. Such a situation must necessarily take into account the angler in the selection of effective tips or baits for catching carp and carp in the autumn, while taking note of the repeatedly proven fact: the bigger fish, especially predatory way of life it tends.

I recall many cases of fishing practices and information from current publications, when in one of the ponds in late autumn “wild” carp, under the weight of just two kilograms, was able to successfully catch the bait only to verkhovka. Fish was used alive or drowning, but fresh, just produced in a given water. In the southern regions, where numerous ponds abound with not only the carp and carp, but there’s also carp, and white Amur, and carp, it has become commonplace on the eve of winter to effectively seduce a big fish, spitted on the hook compact cutting slices of the fish, which in cold water to nourish the clear bias in almost all predators and, as you can see, they are not alone.

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Moreover, modern fishing techniques on feeder tackle involves the use as a nozzle of a special multicomponent boilies. The fishing for big carp in cold water often gives excellent results, if the mixture for homemade boilies introduced quite a lot of minced meat, which, of course, talking about the autumn orientation of fish for food of animal origin. Apparently, cold water fish it can not quickly obtain the necessary energy from plant food, which is a long time to digest the cold-blooded organism, and any consumed fish animals under the same conditions, and the energy per unit self-weight gives more, and is decomposed in the digestive organs in less time.

For the understanding of the autumn of the features of the fish, we have to deal with the facts of accidental and even deliberate catch carp and carp spinning reel with artificial lures when hunting for pike or perch. Spinning with lots of experience can always understand who owns which began suddenly in some place of the reservoir neat “potyczki”, unusual notebooks predators. Here it is necessary not to abandon the position, which seems to be contact with the fish is, but it is on the hook doesn’t sit, but rather try to experiment as with the selection of bait and method of its animation.
Usually active carp and even carp still manages to seduce the faithful grip, if you use a very compact simulation of minimal weight, which, playing, long enough falls to the bottom after casting. It was at this point that is called “entry”, there is a lot of bites carp. But when the bait reached the bottom, it begins the transaction, usually stepped, with a high recovery at each stage and prolonged in time by falling down, which allows you to make minimum weight. Baits can be small and the spinner, combined with a ahead of “eared” sinker (a jig spinner), and the right size Twister or vibrohvost and narrow foam fish. Just managed to fulfill the slow to limit the rate of management of bait since carp and crucian carp in cold water is very slow and confidently grab only that, as they say, itself goes in the mouth.

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The most important technique in this technique of fishing is a short dragging bait along the bottom to form a turbid plume behind it, before it rises into the water column for the next “step”. Such crawling “feed” often leads to sure to “clip” carp or carp, when the bite is felt as a soft potica or movable hook. But then the fish will Nikoletta on the hook and will be followed by a powerful potica that most applies to carp. Here the angler must be prepared well in advance to adjust the friction brake on the reel, otherwise the most dangerous fish on first throw or scatter a thin line, which is needed for a small lure, or bend or break the appropriate bait small hook, can also break his lip. Anyway, enviable and rare trophy will be lost. When the dash were able to pay, then you can not particularly in a hurry and do not force the fish when there are no snags.

If the pond carp are not too hungry or have reached a size to engage in predation, he is going to fall pretty deep parts of the reservoir where the water is somewhat warmer than shallow water. So for fishing in cold water is better to choose a sizable ponds, characterized by steep changes in bottom topography. This ensures the formation of zones of local concentration of fish.

In such places carp about mid-day began to dig in the sediments, looking for bloodworms and picking up other animal food. Then it is easy to seduce a worm, a beam bloodworm and maggots or a “sandwich” of them. Of gear suitable float rod with rings and coil, and that is extremely light, structurally unstable Donka with a feeder, and sensitive Piker with only a sinker and one or two leashes. Generally, the tackle is not so important, the main thing — just get into the Parking lot of fish.

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