Fitbit has released a new watch: Versa will surpass its predecessors

Fitbit выпустили новые часы: Versa превзойдет своих предшественниковNew company better than the previous versions in all characteristics.

Fitbit today introduced a new smartwatch model Versa, which should replace the Ionic, Blaze and all other models.

Novelty has a thickness of 11.2 mm. the Weight is not specified, but, apparently, it is small. The screen diagonal of 1.34 inches with a brightness of 1000 CD/m2, there are 4 GB of flash memory, from which the user can use only 2.5 GB.

In hours no GPS as well as NFC (in the basic version). But in the Special Edition for $230 it is supported Fitbit Pay. While in the European version of NFC will be the generic version. The battery capacity of 145 mAh should be enough for 4 days of use. As the OS uses a proprietary Fitbit OS 2.0, third-party sources claim that the operation speed is higher than the Ionic.

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The novelty has also a heart rate sensor and protection against water. Overall, the Versa is able to track activity, monitor sleep, count steps, distance and calories, track workouts, to play the role of a personal trainer and so on. Also have the ability to view alerts from your smartphone, control music player and reply to messages. You can choose one of five standard responses which you can modify and type a message a maximum of 60 characters.

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In addition, there is a function that allows you to track the menstrual cycle in women. The device acts as a diary and calendar cycle.

In fact, no different from Ionic, Blaze and other Fitbit models. The design is similar to the Pebble. The novelty will appear in April and will be presented in different colors and with different straps.

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