Gentlemen need not greedy of knowledge, and attendants

The knowledge considered overkill?! Gentlemen need not greedy of knowledge, and attendants. The ruling class sees the country as a means of self-enrichment, as the sheep, which will be as long as possible to cut hair, and then — that it is possible — slaughter


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Господам нужны не жадные до знаний люди, а обслуга

Господам нужны не жадные до знаний люди, а обслуга


The knowledge considered overkill?!


 Господам нужны не жадные до знаний люди, а обслуга 

The education system is never something self-sufficient, something that exists for yourself for yourself. Education is necessary to prepare a person to life — and they are determined by not only (not so much) tastes of individual teachers or even officials, but an objective reality. Update: not true “in General”, and the current socio-economic reality. For example, if the economy needs programmers and system will be “rotated” to produce programmers. But if the economy needs peasants in the manner of the XV century — the system of education in our understanding to be no, since the farmers this level either physics-chemistry, or even literacy is not required.

Hence the hypothesis: could it be that the modern Russian society requires not the creators, and these “qualified consumers”?

Student Artem from Sterlitamak confidently said:

“We need to abandon the market-oriented view of school and of the students raise people who are greedy for knowledge and not future employees “McDuck”, the attendants of officials and employees of management companies of housing and communal services that suit lawlessness, exposing the high price to the residents of apartment buildings”.

But who, exactly, is this necessary? The owners of “McDuck”? Officials and management companies (previously would have said, “the ruling class”)? Artem himself answers his own question: no, these gentlemen need not greedy of knowledge, and attendants. And he adds: his own education (allowing him to ask similar questions) — the result of the remaining Soviet teachers. Because for the Soviet regime, build (better or worse) communism was needed was a knowledgeable and creative people. Exactly insofar as state system was not focused on profit, and on the development of the masses.

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Here we must add: a good education in Russia is not absent. Or let’s say cautious — not all Russians are deprived of it. The children of the elite can afford to study overseas in elite universities or in closed private schools on the territory of Russia. They understand that they need education — just as they understand and what everyone else should be their subordinates. People — and the cogs in the system, executing the algorithms (written by the elite) and consuming what they’re told.

Then we move on to the next problem. Apart from the fact that capitalism is, in principle, does not imply the highest quality of education for all (there is no economic need and the economic need for capitalism — God), we are lucky to live in a highly criminalized version of capitalism. Crudely (not much), we can say: our elite hopes to lead the country to the unknown frontiers, expand and enrich it. On the contrary: the ruling class sees it as a means of personal enrichment, like a sheep, with which will be as long as possible to cut hair, and then — that it is possible — slaughter.

In this sense, conditional to the Ministry of education even have much to do with how built the learning process in schools and universities. Officials do not burn with hatred for ordinary children and their parents and build their machinations during the long winter evenings. They just do in his place what should make every man in Russia, greedily to cash flows: enriched. It just turns out that enrichment does not fit well with a high level of education. Crudely (again not much): if the formation will not interfere with the official to make money, it will destroy education.

Try to look at the statements of our fellow citizens in the broadcast IA Red Spring through this lens.

Perhaps, then, will become clearer the laments of the people of the Soviet school that “megacities become anglicised” (i.e., focus on the global economy and adopt its language, norms, style). That education is focused on individual and not collective (ie it supports the capitalist cult of personal success). What graduates do not go to work, do not dream anymore of becoming astronauts and firefighters (this is the market dictates what professions to live and how to die, but not the moral imperatives of the students). That they coach for the tests, the prepared algorithms — instead of forming their own thinking (not so much politicians, how many the economy needs people-machines). Etc.

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Now let’s do a thought experiment. For example, individual parents and will combine to create a private school which will teach their children “right.” Perhaps they will even get a “competitive advantage” contrary “graduates of normal schools.” However, to build the Soviet system of education for all in the middle of the anti-Soviet socio-economic system is to condemn the majority of young people on a terrible disappointment. After all, the specialist in classical Philology no place in the economy — and it will sell burgers to those people who there was such a place.

Hence — the conclusion. And there will be changes in the education system without changing the entire social-economic structure. First, new goals, new needs of the economy. And then “social”, education, etc. — as instruments for their implementation.

Say, “What are we now again to build socialism”? There to decide for all of us. Capitalism lives hopes of each individual person that he is, he will fall into a cohort of “elite”, will succeed at the expense of all others. But statistics is stubborn thing. Most likely, we are in the position when the system is working against us. You can change the system — or given to her on a platter. Just do not think that “dinosaur kind”, and capitalism ever will turn all its human face. No it this person. And every year, every month it becomes more and more obvious. What do you want for the money? No one promised it would be easy. And if someone promised evil.

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