Home mining farm can be banned

The authorities of our country found something else that they are not yet banned: now they’re targeting farms for mining collected inside the premises. Most of these farms do in the very near future can be outside the law, as reported by Ilya massukh, head of the Foundation for information democracy.

Mr. Massukh stressed that the issue of prohibiting home farms for mining cryptocurrencies on the territory of Russia can be considered at the next meeting of the working group under the President of Russia on development of the Internet, which will take place in the middle of this month. The main reasons for the ban farms inside homes and apartments – a sharp increase in the load on the grid that can lead to failure and fires. Plus, dozens of graphics cards emit a lot of heat, raising the temperature inside the room, and it may have a negative impact on the health of residents.

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Ilya massukh in General not very good relationship to the idea of mining cryptocurrencies on the territory of Russia, considering that it generally should not be encouraged due to the fact that all the existing virtual money is created outside the country. Earlier, officials have hinted at the possibility of creating a Patriotic cryptocurrency with a low complexity of mining, for the extraction of which, unlike bitcoin, it does not require huge computing power.

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