“I’m fed up”: Jennifer aniston has criticized journalists

In recent months, in many tabloids, there were suggestions that the star of the television series “Friends” Jennifer aniston is pregnant. The actress has denied all the speculation and stated that he does not tolerate any manifestations of bodyshaping and is not going to conform to gloss standards.

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“I’m fed up”: Jennifer aniston has criticized journalists

For the past twenty years Jennifer aniston is forced to face the rumors surrounding his person. In recent months, the media widely discussed the fact that the actress is likely to be pregnant: mostly they were based on photographs, which show that the star have put on a little weight and start to prefer clothing casual.

The result of this flow of gossip was an open letter to aniston in the Huffington Post, in which she sharply enough expressed to the press:
For those interested: I’m not pregnant. And I’m tired of these rumors. I’m sick and tired of constant discussions of the female body in the context of deformed perceptions of beauty, which today is called “journalism” and “news about the stars.” You spend a huge amount of resources trying to figure out whether I am or not, when this woman, not given birth to children, is considered defective, the unfortunate loser. In recent days, while you were discussing my personal life, caused forest fires, mass shootings, the Supreme court issued several important decisions finally coming elections. So “journalists” could take a lot of other interesting topics instead of having to use celebrity gossip and perpetuate the obsession of the world solely on appearance. Is she really pregnant? Or is she just eats too much? As she let herself go like that on the street? Maybe her marriage is falling apart because she does not follow their appearance?”.
Movie trailer “Horrible lady”, one of the last Prime Minister with the participation of Jennifer aniston
Also, the actress said that if one day she decides to have a child with her husband Justin Theroux, it will be by mutual desire, not because of the fact that she’s afraid to look in the eyes of society “defective”. According to her, the decision on the replenishment in the family need to make consciously, and not looking at the opinion of the tabloid press.

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