In Australia, six cows lined up in a row and synchronously died

В Австралии шесть коров выстроились в ряд и синхронно умерли The farmer had removed the carcasses of animals in the video.

A farmer from the Australian city of Hallam was amazed when I saw 6 of his cows lying on a straight line near the fence. All the animals were dead, and most likely, they instantly killed all the time.

Derek Shirley claims he’s never seen anything like it. At first, the man felt that his cattle died of lightning strike, but did not find any traces of electric shock on the bodies of animals.

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Just mysteriously died on 4 cows and 2 calves. The owner of the farm estimates its loss of 10 thousand Australian dollars. Local expert, Dr. Carl krushelnitsky, also cannot find a rational explanation for what happened. Most of the specialist surprised by the fact that the heads of dead cows were shoved through a wire fence. Maybe blame aliens, spagnolia animals and forced them to run all together to the fence, and then simply remotely omertvenie cloven-hoofed animals?

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However, traces of interference in the animal body doctor not discovered why this anomaly seems very strange riddle, the answer to which, most likely, will not receive neither a scientist nor even the farmer. It’s good that cattle was insured, but the insurance company will demand evidence of real, not mythical cows…

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