In Australia, the pensioner caught a perch unprecedentedly large size

В Австралии пенсионерка поймала окуня невиданно большого размераThe fish weight – 60 kg.

Resident of Britain sue Alcock caught sea bass, which is more her. The fish weight is 60 kilograms, while length – 162 cm. This writes The Sun.

According to the publication, the 68-year-old woman went fishing in the company of your son. She admitted that from the outset was sure of a large size fish as she swallowed. To get it the woman helped son and two fishermen.

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The length of the perch about five centimeters superior to the growth of the woman. Caught him sue Alcock in Australia.

“When he lifted his head out of the water, I just couldn’t believe that he was this size. As a small sofa,” said the woman.

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