In Germany, the man found a suitcase full of “money” and gave it to the police

В Германии мужчина нашел полный чемодан «денег» и отдал его полицииThe money were high-quality fake.

In Frankfurt-on-main 56-year-old worker of a bakery found in a trash can suitcase filled with banknotes of 500 euros. About it reports the edition In Franken.

Despite the fact that the man has never even seen this amount of money, he decided not to assign them, and to bring them to the police.

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It is noted that the police was very surprised to visit. In the suitcase counted 8 million euros Packed in packages of 50 thousand euros.

However on closer inspection it turned out that the money, though of high quality, but fake, made for desktop games or for the needs of the casino.

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The police noted that this does not diminish the merit of an honest citizen, who “demonstrated exemplary behavior”.

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