In Greece, Ukrainians were sentenced to 180 years in prison

В Греции украинца приговорили к 180 годам заключения The reason for the prosecution of the sailor was smuggling refugees.

Court in Greece sentenced March 12, the Ukrainian sailor Denis Brovchenko to 180 years in prison for illegal transportation of Syrian refugees.

As noted, EU citizens and Turks detained on similar charges, serving in Greek prisons only a few years.

According to Brovchenko, the problem is that the diplomats of other countries, in contrast to the Ukrainian, somehow agreed with the Greek authorities on its citizens.

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“All were detained by the coast guard for the carriage of refugees from the Middle East to Italy by sea. Now this is a common position in Europe. But the consequences are shocking surprise for everyone – a life sentence”, he said.

Brovchenko also added that local authorities do not give Ukrainian citizens the opportunity to defend themselves, and representatives of the Ukrainian Consulate “ignored all of our repeated requests for assistance such as legal support or at least visit and consultation”.

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“We don’t know what is indicated in our testimony of how we are accused how to defend themselves in court… neither of us previously had problems with the law! Everything was there, helping people to escape from the war in Europe, which takes them. A brutal crime, doesn’t it? Do not argue, the law has been broken and it should be punished, but it is not commensurate with their deeds!”, – said the Ukrainian.

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