In Moldova choose the President

В Молдове выбирают президентаThe Pro-Russian candidate promised to prosecute opponents.

In Moldova today, on November 13, will be held the second round of the presidential election. Moldovans faced a choice between two candidates – the Pro-Russian and Pro-European.

For the first time in 20 years the President in Moldova is elected by the citizens, not the Parliament. Such changes in legislation were adopted under the pressure of demonstrations and protests against the current government. The country’s Central election Commission has reported on readiness for voting day.

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The race leader Igor Dodon, who has a clear Pro-Russian stance, promises legislation to approve a policy of rapprochement with Russia and to pursue their opponents.

“The second order is about restoring good relations with Russia. We need the Russian market and we have to solve the problem of migrants. And the third will be against those who want to destroy the Moldovan statehood and to unite it with Romania,” – said Dodon on his first presidential steps, if elected.

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Recall, October 30, in Moldova for the first time since 1996, held a presidential election by popular vote. For the post of President of Moldova claim 9 candidates – 6 representatives of political parties and 3 independent candidates.

In the first round Dodon scored 49,12% of the votes, and his opponent Maia Sandu — 37,6%. In order to win the election, a candidate must obtain more than half the votes.

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