In Russia came gaming monitor Acer KG271ABMIDPX

Acer introduced in Russia a new monitor, having a long name KG271ABMIDPX and simultaneously advanced. The model includes a response time matrix at the level of 1 millisecond, but the matrix here is a budget TN+Film, whereas the monitor is available can not be called.

The choice of the matrix of this type is not the most realistic colors and average viewing angles, but the screen refresh rate for Acer KG271ABMIDPX reaches 144 Hz, and it is very useful in modern shooters. The monitor supports Full HD resolution at a diagonal of the screen is 27 inches and has a brightness of 400 units, plus he has the support of the technology FreeSync and G-Sync from AMD and NVIDIA respectively, which is also very important for the dynamic of toys.

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Acer KG271ABMIDPX built two 2-watt speakers along with HDMI, DVI and DP, but that’s about the USB hub references there, as well as on a stand with enhanced adjustment options screen here you can configure only in terms of its angle position relative to the horizontal plane. Monitor Acer KG271ABMIDPX already on sale in our country, and asking for it considerable of 25,000 rubles.

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