In the United States came up with an interesting way of painting a car

В США придумали интересный способ окраски автомобиля A new coating developed on the basis of rubber.

Americans invented amazing car paint Proline, which the body turns into a solid color coating, rubber based.

Full repainting of the car – the process is complex, time consuming and expensive. Meanwhile, the machine sometimes needs repainting, for example, after the accident. Or sometimes, not having the ability to change to a new car, I want it “PEEN”, to refresh with paint in a different, more bright or trendy color.

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And in order to make this process quick, simple and inexpensive, the American company DipYourCar invented an unusual paint, which in fact is liquid rubber, sprayed on the car body, as a normal dye.

This coating is called Proline, based on the rubber, and after application to the body, it turns into a car wrap. It is easily applied, and unlike vinyl this cover on the car does not form seams. It is stable to temperature changes, scratches and chinaganjam, has good adhesion, six layers of paint rests on the car body and wheel disks of about 3-5 years, after which it can be removed simply by removing from the vehicle a continuous layer, like clothes

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This paint is a liquid rubber has a wide range of colors, and has four options of luster – matte, gloss, pearlescent and “chameleon”.

В США придумали интересный способ окраски автомобиля

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