In Turkey, the bus got in an accident: many dead

В Турции автобус попал в ДТП: много погибшихThe accident killed 13 people.

In the Turkish province of Corum in the country’s North in a road accident involving a bus killed 13 people and injured 20. This publication reports the Daily Sabah.

The accident occurred at six o’clock in the morning near the village of Kubel in the area Osmancik.

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The bus with over 30 passengers, which departed from Istanbul, were sent to the province of Tokat. Exactly how many people were in the bus, not officially reported.

The bus crashed into a parked truck that resulted in a fire.

Currently, the place of work of emergency service. Continuing the identification of bodies.

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The wounded were taken to the hospital. Many of them are very heavy, so the authorities do not exclude the increasing number of deaths.

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