In Ukraine is rapidly rising sales of electric cars

В Украине стремительно растут продажи электрокаровLeaders in the number of registered electric cars are Kyiv region.

The number of registered electric cars for the first two months of 2018 has doubled compared with the 2017 year.

This is evidenced by official statistics of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine on the first registration of vehicles in Ukraine (excluding the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions and AR Crimea). During January and February 2017, the year on the territory of Ukraine was first registered 205 and 196 EVS respectively. Whereas for the same two months 2018 – 801. And the total number registered in the territory of the country cars on electricity is 6558.

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One of the factors increasing the number of electric cars is adopted in December 2017, the bill on amendments to the Customs code of Ukraine. We are talking about the abolition of VAT and excise tax on imported electric vehicles (rows of the preferential conditions – one year, until 31 December 2018). In addition, in 2015 (the innovation began to operate from 1 January 2016) for electric cars was canceled import duties.

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The abolition of VAT means cheaper electric car by 20%, repeal of excise tax – reduced prices by € 109. That is, if you bring a car from abroad, there are transportation costs of electric cars on the territory of Ukraine, certification, payment for services of a customs broker, payment of tax to the Pension Fund (3% to 5% depending on the value of the car) and on the design of license plates and registration.

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