Italy hit by a powerful tornado

На Италию обрушился мощный торнадоDue to the bad weather injured 15 people.

12 March to the South of Italy came a strong tornado. Due to the bad weather in the province of Caserta has suffered more than 15 people. It is reported Earth-chronicles.

A tornado smashed billboards and roadside signs, broke many trees and even blew the roofs and balconies of some houses. As a result of hurricane cars are carried by the wind on dozens of meters, and several trucks overturned.

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The route connecting the city with Naples, was blocked because of a few trailers that made to the nearest Parking lot.

The tornado, which was accompanied by strong thunderstorm broke power lines. Several areas of the Airport remained without electricity. The authorities decided to close all educational institutions to assess the damage caused by a tornado.

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На Италию обрушился мощный торнадо

На Италию обрушился мощный торнадо

На Италию обрушился мощный торнадо

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