Kudrin suggested Putin to reduce the cost of the security forces for economic growth

The head of the Board of the Center for strategic research (CSR), former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin revealed part of their strategy of Russia’s development until 2024, which he prepared for President Vladimir Putin. On Wednesday, September 6, write “Vedomosti”.

Кудрин предложил Путину сократить расходы на силовиков для роста экономики

The key proposal of the strategy is structural reforms, the newspaper notes. By 2035, government spending may well exceed the income, budget stability will be compromised, according to Kudrin. Oil and gas will fall, the demand for government investment to rise, and the population is aging, so you will need more money on pensions and healthcare.

According to the head of CSR, by 2035, with the reforms it will be possible to double Russia’s GDP. “If nothing changes, GDP even in the most successful years will grow by no more than 2.5 percent, and by 2035 will increase by 50 percent compared with the year 2016”, — the newspaper notes.

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The CSR strategy is proposed to increase state investment in public infrastructure, the cost of education to raise by 0.8–1 percent of GDP on health care — 0.7–0.8 percent in 2024 compared with the current.

In the center believe that the payback period for this investment is necessary reform. So, in the education system need to introduce compulsory preparatory school for 5-6 year old children and specialized education for high school students, forming a network of national research universities. Health — to develop the system of prevention, to equip clinics to implement programs for chronic disease management.

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In addition, the proposed significant reduction in spending on security and defense. The number of employed in the law enforcement system should be reduced by a quarter. Defense spending also should be reduced from the current 4.4 percent of GDP to 2.8 percent. The army should be fully translated on a contract basis.

May 30 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has presented three programs of economic development of Russia until 2025. They developed TSSR, the Ministry of economic development and the Stolypin club.

Team Kudrin started to develop the program of General economic reform in 2016 for the presidential campaign of 2018.

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