Measles outbreak in Europe: 35 dead. Will there be an epidemic of Russia?

Вспышка кори в Европе: 35 погибших. Грозит ли эпидемия России?

A year from measles in Europe died at 35. The vast majority of deaths from measles recorded in Romania — 31. The world health organization has called “unacceptable tragedy” death from infectious disease, contamination which can be prevented through vaccination. Over the past year the mortality from measles in Europe in 2016 has grown almost three times — then it was 13 deaths, and in 2015 only three.

The Russian Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) reported a measles outbreak in 14 countries of Europe from the beginning of 2017. For the period to doctors have addressed more than four thousand patients in Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Spain and Switzerland. With the availability of a safe and affordable vaccine against measles, the disease remains a major cause of child mortality.

Most patients and most of all deaths registered in Romania. There are also cases of transmission to medical staff. The number of cases is growing and already in the thousands. In Italy from January to 21 April 2017 1739 confirmed cases of measles. It affects mostly children and teenagers. 88% of the patients were never vaccinated. Nearly forty percent had to be hospitalized, 33% had at least one complication.

Experts suggest that the spread of measles was made possible because of the reduction in the number of vaccinated population in Europe, and the lack of restrictive measures in the regions, from-for what disease were able to escape from under

  • Measles is a highly contagious viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. It is characterized by high fever, inflammation of the mucous membranes and typical skin rash. Measles suffer mostly children under the age of two to five years, grownups endure sickness heavier children.
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Will there be a measles epidemic Russia?

In Russia, according to the Association of paediatric infectious diseases, the incidence of measles in the first quarter of 2017 increased compared to the same period of the previous year by 2.9 times. Of the 43 registered cases, of whom 19 were children under the age of 18 years. Cases of measles registered in the Republic of Dagestan (18), Moscow region (six), Moscow (three), Rostov (three), the Republic of North Ossetia and the Sverdlovsk region (two cases), the republics of Ingushetia, Bashkortostan, Kabardino-Balkar, and Chechen republics, Stavropol region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan, Chelyabinsk regions (in one case).

— In our country, — said Deputy Minister of health of Moscow region, pediatrician, Professor Irina Soldatova, — measles vaccination is included in national immunization schedule. The first vaccination is carried out a year-old child, the second in six years. We have a very efficient domestic vaccine. And it is important for everyone – children and adults – who for whatever reason are not vaccinated against measles to get vaccinated. To understand the presence of antibodies to measles, you can take a blood test and find out if you have adequate antibody levels for protection. In Russia a sufficient amount of vaccine to ensure everyone to protect from dangerous diseases.

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You can just search the recent history to obtain evidence of the effectiveness of vaccination. Then, fifty years ago, the Soviet Union began the polls to vaccinate children against measles. And that is the “children’s infection” which was considered almost obligatory for a child, began to retreat.

We now have the most children vaccinated, do not vaccinate are not so many parents, despite the growth antiprivivochnaya sentiment. But those few unvaccinated children will get sick, if faced with a measles virus because of immunity they have.

Experts say that despite the number of unvaccinated children in Russia, the epidemic in the country will not. The increased incidence may occur, but prior to the epidemic, as before, it will not come, thanks to a good collective immunity.

What about the trips?

Now in Europe, active vaccination of the population, as well as a wide sanitary-educational work. In some countries even apply penalties for refusals of vaccinations. For example, in Germany parents for refusing to vaccinate a child faces a fine of 2.5 thousand euros. Despite this, the CPS recommends the citizens of Russia to consider the situation when deciding on a trip to a particular country, as Roma measles outbreaks in Europe from vaccine refusal was the increase in the incidence of chickenpox and mumps. In addition, cases of hepatitis. However, these are all diseases, from which in any case must be instilled to all, regardless of travel plans.

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