Named the most useful product for intestinal health

Назван самый полезный продукт для здоровья кишечникаNamed the reasons why everyone should eat potatoes in the fall.

Potato is one of the most common and important products on the planet. It contains a lot of useful minerals that make this vegetable the most valuable among the most affordable products.

As you know, potato dishes, thousands of recipes are famous in all countries without exception, are the main source of supply for most of the population of the Earth. In addition, the potato is a very useful product, although modern nutritionists and not recommend them to abuse.

Little gourmets will often refuse to eat vegetables, but almost all of them love chips! This is perhaps the most amazing quality – you will hardly find someone who doesn’t like at least one of the known variants of potato dishes – baked and roast potatoes, mashed potatoes or many other options.

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Today it is difficult to imagine the daily diet of the family without potatoes. It surely became one of the most popular and recognizable products on the planet.

Potato lovers and even those he does not like it, will be interested to know that the benefits of this vegetable is not only in nutritional value. The potatoes, as it turns out, extremely useful additive for a range of diseases. This product is especially useful in the early autumn. At this time, nutritionists recommend not to deny myself the pleasure to eat a favorite dish from potatoes.

Useful properties of potatoes:

improved digestion
the reduction of cholesterol,
prevention of cardiovascular diseases,
cancer prevention,
moderate amounts of potatoes required for the nutrition of diabetics,
strengthening the immune system,
reduce the external manifestations of aging,
improvement of blood circulation,
lowering blood pressure,
maintaining fluid balance in the body
effective against insomnia,
prevention of diseases of the eye,
prevention and treatment of rheumatism,
treatment of inflammatory processes
prevention and treatment of kidney stones.

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Of course, large quantities of potatoes, containing an impressive amount of carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. However, the content of vitamin C and b group vitamins To help the body properly metabolize carbohydrates.

That is why the potato is so necessary for athletes, children and pregnant women, who need a lot of energy for an active day.

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