Nutritionists said, what part of the chicken is the most useful

Диетологи сообщили, какая часть курятины самая полезная It turns out that for the health and beautiful shape it is necessary to lean only on one part of the chicken and it’s not everyone’s favorite legs.

Chicken is considered a dietary meat, which must be present in the diet of modern man. Nutritionists advise to eat chicken every day, replacing them with a pork and lamb. But the beef should not give up, because it contains more iron than chicken and other meat.

What part of the chicken the most useful, and what better not to eat?

Scientists have conducted a lot of research, which calculated the amount of cholesterol and fat contained in the whole chicken and its parts. In the end, they came to the conclusion that the brisket and sirloin are the most diet and, consequently, the useful part birds, because they have less cholesterol and fat.

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Favorite chicken legs or chicken legs are the most fat and cholesterol, harmful for health can be called chicken wings, if we take into account the fact that these pieces of chicken are usually fried or baked in the oven, this means that to own an animal fat is added, and carcinogens from overcooked vegetable oil.

Of course, nutritionists allowed to eat all parts of the chicken carcass, but it is advisable to clean it from the skin and visible fat layers, and choose such ways of cooking: steaming, cooking in water, roasting in foil without oil, grilling or barbecue, but don’t keep in front of this chicken in mayonnaise marinade.

Brisket and chicken is beneficial to everyone – both adults and children. It is possible to eat each day. It will bring maximum benefit to the digestive system and health in General. But this, by the way, does not mean that you should now only have these chicken parts.

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The unique properties of chicken meat, which you might not know:

1. Chicken is easily digested, so it is often recommended to eat people who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Chicken meat promotes the absorption of calcium in the body than can not boast, for example, pork.

3. Chicken cures colds and helps recover faster with SARS, especially popular in this case chicken broth.

4. Chicken breast is the best diet food that allows people with excess body weight and gradually drop those extra pounds.

Nutritionists advise to look at the chicken, because it is one of the most delicious and healthy types of meat which can be cooked a thousand different dishes.

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