October – the time the kranks’

Recently in October, I prefer fishing for conjunction lures-crank. Talking about this photo from my archive, Pestryaev IDE, Chub and ASP. With the ides photos the most. But it’s not because they are better caught than other fish. They just favored.

Choose the right type of bait and fishing method

Every year the IDE, choose from the offer of my baits for sure. One year on heavy turntables are caught, the other ratline. There was some year when yaz refused to eat tested in the summer of turntables. No “blue Fox” or “silver screams,” no favorites of last year – “murani”… What I only did not try – in any. But crankbaits and rattlin – be kind!

The primary method for us was fishing from a boat in free drift. We walked down to the vending Bank ahead of time to go and methodically obsidiane adjacent waters. Worked medium size crank. I have the most catchability was Daiwa Bass Hunter and especially Raiden Bubble Crank 38 (coloring J11), which gathered all the ides, if they were within casting. He became, so to speak, a test crank to make sure to know the IDE in this place or not. He was caught not only IDE, but threw Chub, pike (where the same without them?) and the ubiquitous perch. Floating drift along the coast, do not have to fish just in front of the boat. I successfully fished in places after proplate. Sometimes it is very convenient to throw a Wobbler between the driftwood that bend downstream (in the direction of the drifting boat). However, it is necessary to loosen the clutch, because if the Wobbler is hooked, it will take time to get the engine and then back to the hook.

About pike I want to say separately. Closer to the middle of October Yasevich plantations, which my friend and “plowed”, pike began to prevail in the catches. If at the beginning of October to 13 of the ides was caught 3 pike, then after a week the proportion of the IDE/pike was 50/50. The size of the pike consistently grown.

A big pike on light spinning

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In one of the last days of Indian summer we Alexander from Moscow, beating a small Bank, turned in the Old Volga. After the Carter snags found acceptable for our method of fishing the area. It is here that my friend and caught a crocodile. Friend thought at first that Wobbler once again encounters a snag. Usually we in such cases are coming to the place of the Circlip, pull the bait to the Tulip and spinning, spinning down into the water, trying to keep the crank life. This method always worked, but this time the snag oddly swayed there, in the depths, and then suddenly bent spinning and swam away from the shore.

– This is not a hook! It’s a fish!

Seeing as Sasha stern is fighting with someone, trying not to let the monster in driftwood, the circle singing a fishing line around the motor, I quickly hit the road to your spinning, carefully folded everything he can to prevent it, on the sides of the boat, kevlavrovy put on a glove and prepared to meet with any fish, which seems on the surface. Normal, adult landing net and, of course, in such an important event in the boat was not there. Well, have to torture the monster until he’d be powerless. Sasha just released a friction brake and decided not to force things, and to enjoy playing. Extend, so to say, the sweet moments of struggle before she breaks. And here is our beauty!

– Sasha, put down the spinning to the water, and now jump!

A friend heard my cry and redeemed the rapid emergence of pike. She obeyed the pressure and instead of candles gracefully swam by the boat. Here is a pike! Face – be healthy. Wobbler sticks on the outside of the closed mouth. It seems that now mathnet head properly, and the hooks won’t hold. Continue to fight with a pike, but with some trepidation. Again she goes under the boat. I’m trying to suggest that Sasha was not holding high spinning, and lowered it into the water, if it goes under the boat. Not sure he heard me or not. He then said that he did not let down spinning is itself a pike snagged a half bent spinning in the water. He was afraid to slash a tight line on the boat and just kept the pressure coming down spinning from the side. From that moment we suddenly realized that just because she won’t give up. A little reflection, decided to take a “submarine” from the left side where I could reach both hands to the water.

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My first touch ended with a powerful jerk under the boat. Sanya as much as I fell to keep spinning from damage. Again a bent spinning rod in the water again clutch anxious growls, again trying not to give to catch the fishing line on the motor. My second attempt to grab the pike behind the withers is over for me, cold shower. That kind of sobering. I snorted.

Sash, this monster more than four pounds! I can’t glove like, you should grab her by the withers!
– Grab the right hand without a glove! And left in the glove, grab him under the gills!

Oh, was was not. I have a bactericidal adhesive plaster, alcohol in the flask. For the sake of this trophy venture. I caught it only on the fifth time she no longer flinched at the gentle touch. Tired! I gently cupped in the water the back just below the Gill covers, and, expecting every moment a desperate leap, climbed the left hand under the gills. Gloved fingers slid inside, I tightly clenched his fist and pulled her into the light. In the air the pike three times pulled by the tail, but I was holding her very tight. He heard the gnashing of teeth on the glove, it was already a victorious screech. Pike never twitched, giving all the strength to fight for their freedom. She gave us time for a great photo session and nervous beginning already in the bag, after we weighed her. Dial scales showed 5500 g. Sasha was increased to 400 g’s own record for the pike, and on a Wobbler, sabres!

Autumn has just begun in our latitudes…

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