OPPO has officially come to Russia

OPPO today officially discovered the Russian market of means of communication, and now her products are presented in our country on a legal basis. The first thing she brought us its flagship smartphone sample F3 Plus the current year, but other vehicles, in particular, from the Selfie Plus will also be sold in the local distribution network.

But since selfies are out of fashion two years ago, take a closer look at what F3 Plus as-yet-release date in Russia but already has a retail price that is relevant for our market. To be honest, it causes at first confusion and then a smile, as for this smartphone, though top of the line OPPO, asking 27500 rubles. That should really pay attention, you can select only the camera, because the front of the smartphone is the module at 16 MP, while the rear is located a dual camera with a resolution of 16 and 8 megapixels.

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In the rest of the Oppo F3 Plus the flagship if he is, then only if the court in 2015, as it has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM, and the same can boast of state employees from Xiaomi. Even the processor in the F3 Plus is not the best Qualcomm 653, and this in an era of Helio X30 MediaTek and Qualcomm 835. In short, the OPPO though, and came to the Russian market, but to offer her, absolutely nothing. Ordered 5 OnePlus from China and really enjoy the flagship gadget.

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