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In the autumn, when the water is cold and transparent, pike greatly complicated by the conditions of the hunt, and the need for food increase. At this time, the right choice of bait or timely change will ensure the success of fishing lures.

In early autumn the pike are often still found on her summer hunting, but already there is a pattern: when the water gets colder and the algae gradually die off, the predator is more common in the deeper areas. Stepping into the depths, she seeks refuge in the rough free from algae bottom, with driftwood, branches, flooded bushes, fallen in water, trees or other shelters. But autumn weather is changeable, and shift the onset of cold weather could return the warmth. Then the pike, depending on the number of warm days and the brightness of the sun, often returned to their summer locations.

This time, fry is much older and like a predator, feeding heavily in anticipation of winter, gaining the necessary weight. In September and October, while various small animals did not dig into the silt, white fish feeds mainly in the shallow areas of ponds, shallow edges near the algae. Accordingly, the next will hold and pike camping pickings. Near shore, in shallow water, is fed, as a rule, medium-sized pike, so bait it is necessary to put a small. It can be poppers, crankbaits, swim the bayts, the walkers, vibrating and rotating spinners, twisters, streamers. Too much water transparency and illumination, of course, affect the choice of lures, but that fishing also depends on the depth of fishing and what fish feed prevails in the pond. When the temperature of water to 6… 9° aft fish rolled on the kerb, pit and underwater tables with a depth of 4-8 meters, and then you need to use another tactic fishing and other lures. On the waters of the South of Russia fishing lure, designed for posting at shallow depths, and may continue to November.
Will concentrate on just a few types of spinning lures may be used successfully in the fall.


Fishing with these baits is on top, on the overgrown areas of the reservoir. They successfully caught pike in September until the water is not so cold and a lot of forage fish rests among algae. Casting surface lures is made along the edge of the algae or in the window between them. Briefly review each of the lures. By and large, the Popper is a surface lure that imitates a fish or a frog, which bursts and splashes over the top away from the predator. In early autumn, is still found in many green frogs and toothy happy to feed them. The head of the lure has a slant front or scoop neckline. Popper is usually equipped with two treble hooks and a tail different shape, size and color. When fishing a Popper you need to remember that this bait is selective and sometimes pike reacts on it immediately, sometimes seemed not to notice.

Poppers under dash wiring, uttering a gurgling sound, irritate the predator, provoke him to throw. However, by applying the shallow water large poppers, bite, can not be seen. Especially suspicious about the gurgling of a large poppers adult pike. If you catch a large Popper, play with him more delicately than with small, often make long pauses and twitches should not be too sharp. Small Popper you can play harder and more often. When choosing a rod, remember that short of hard spinning is better to do jerk on the wiring. For such fishing will fit the 2.2–2.5-meter “stick” with the test characteristics of not more than 17 g.

An alternative to Popper is Volker (translated into Russian — walking, wandering). In fact, this superficial Wobbler, which in the absence of a blade and through a streamlined head portion has a low drag. But with a neat dash wiring it begins to deviate to the side, making the zigzag-shaped movement and slightly shnyreva head. While it leaves on the surface of the water a kind of mustache. Americans jokingly called catch the bait “walking the dog”. When autumn fishing use the walkers in length from 5 to 12 cm.

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The other kind of baits for surface fishing — svim-bayts. Bladeless svim-bayts less cling to the grass when you post in the Windows. Vary floating, sinking, neutral svim-bayts and design — one-piece, two – and-part. When autumn test sinking svim-Beit at one of the quarries casting was conducted in a window of seaweed, and when you raised the rod tip the bait out on the surface of the water. Jerk harness attached svim-Beit attractive movement. Pike reacted to this way of playing immediately. Even with a very bad bite careful choice of bait, its a delicate game with stops and AMD always give a positive result.

Light lure intended for catching on small depths, and surface fishing may have its impact on the surface of the water to provoke the throw of a pike. Therefore, some anglers caught priglyadno. I had several opportunities of promotion at the Bank with a spinning rod accurately throw the bait to where he heard the splash of a pike. If the Wobbler or a spinner fall where necessary, followed by a snap immediately.


Timely to choose the right bait — a big deal for fishing. I remember the case. I fished on one Shchuchye pond in the area of Volokolamsk. In two hours of fishing what baits I have tried and pike did not take. Then I found in one of the boxes Wobbler with a fairly aggressive game. For the second posting at the bottom gave the result: at first, I caught polukilogrammovy pickerel, and then, on the next, already obnovlennyh my sites, another one. Three trophies for frequently visited suburban pond is good. That’s what it means to choose the right bait.
In the fall of small fish, which it hunts pike, accumulates flocks underwater spits or ridges. School of fish stand at the surf beach, where the wind washes various food. So you can forget about the transaction for clean water along the border of algae. In September — early October pike displays maximum activity, but a lure she knows because of the large fishing pressure. The water is still relatively warm, the rate of digestion predatory fish high. Appetite occurs without prolonged pauses. A hungry pike is not cautious and responds well to lures with a game. But it is provided that is stable weather. At cold snap and the change of pressure pike naughty, and then you need to apply different, sometimes very delicate wiring options bait.



Overall, in September — October under various conditions of fishing work well on the pike a variety of lures. I often make the choice to crankbaits minnow class. They can be used in reservoirs in bays, Straits, shallow watering when you post to the bottom where there is a variety of rough terrain. Good at finding areas with scattered snags or conduct Wobbler near algae.

When selecting the color of lure you need to follow the following rules. If the predator is not eating well, then the colors should be as close to the colors of forage fish, which mostly feeds on the predator (perch, roach, crucian carp, gudgeon, bleak). But when pike are most active, it is better to take provocative, brightly colored lure that will be visible predator from far away. From aggressive colors catchability is red-white.

The selection range of the length of cranks for September range from 3.5 to 18 cm They can be one – and two-part. Sometimes the easy lures with interchangeable blades that allows you to adjust the depth of the transaction. If pike does not want to take, you can choose to use lures that create sound effects. Of course, during the harvest of the distant points should be guided by the weight of the lure that she laid down exactly in the right place.

When choosing a lure you need to navigate its features. Lures are divided into floating, sinking and neutral buoyancy (suspender). Floating lures move in the water column, and when you stop up. They are also divided into two groups: reaching a given depth and the diving. The length of the first models is usually up to 10-12 cm, and the depth of the wiring reaches 3 m. In the instructions the manufacturer specifies the operating parameters of the crank. This so-called working area or maximum depth, which depends on the angle of attack of the blade. At even leading, the trajectory of the lure close to a straight line, with dash — like a sine wave.

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Diving lures usually work at depths up to 6 m and deeper. They better respond to the jerk (or your retrieve with pauses) wiring and have a wider range of motion. Sinking wobblers are used for wiring in different layers of water, including the bottom. Blade, they have either absent or very small, because of the deepening lack of weight of the crank. Jerk (stepped) posting effective, since the change rate of reference of the crank.

After mid-October, among the lures come first lures with neutral buoyancy — suspender that allow you to do a long pause in the water column. Sinking and floating lures do not have this possibility. Neutral Wobbler after casting it doesn’t change position in the water, whereby it has a large working area. Dash when posting, the trajectory of its motion is a short racing delay that really whets the appetite of a predator.
When fishing in dark or murky waters and at depths with low light often you need to try the lures in bright colors: red, yellow, orange. And you need to take note that warm water is better to work with warm shades, cold, cold.


Under special points I mean those local areas, which is most common pike. This can be a separate accumulation of driftwood near the edge or on the glaze, some small trough, or other indentation on the smooth, unremarkable bottom, and concentrations of forage fish. Toothy here often manifesting itself active in cool, windy, nemolodoy weather in the afternoon. When you move across the pond in a boat, you need to anchor the windward side and throw to the wind to lure flying accurately.
Presentation of the lure close to this point will necessarily result, of course, if Wobbler is chosen correctly and carried out appropriately. It is important to select the posting level, because sometimes autumn pike did not react to the bait, walking at a considerable distance from the ground, and the one that moves close to him, but with attractive stops and jerks, catches immediately. This should also be taken into account.

However, sometimes, when finding fish on the shallow watering, free from algae, pike was missing and shallow running bait. So, one day in the Rybinsk reservoir, I was able to detect the accumulation of the average size of a pike lying on the bottom among the logs. The depth of the fishery was only 1.5 m. When the wiring in the upper layer of water crankbait minnow type with a length of 90 mm, the depth of which was not more than 35 cm, suddenly, one after another began to fall the pike. Fishing left an unforgettable impression… Speaking of baits with a low penetration, I note that for them the colors are not as important as the pike against the clear sky sees only their silhouette.

In September, when consistently warm weather more attention should be paid to harvest irrigations with depth from 1.5 to 4 m. after finding the mounds at such sites need to do the casts so that the transaction crossed them in different directions. Here crankbaits work well with a depth of 2-4 m, but one that would pass above the top of the hill.

Fishing with surface running lures and lures of other types can give amazing results if you move a lot on the water, whether river, lake, pond or quarry and reservoir. To me success comes always when I try to open something new and experimenting with lures and wiring. But the way to do it, when found clearly the “right” place, otherwise valuable time can be wasted lose.

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