Press conference of the alien is not held in the US because of helicopter crash

Пресс-конференция инопланетянина не состоялась в США из-за крушения вертолета It is reported that the stranger died in the accident aircraft.

Last year some American journalists and leaders in the field of politics and science it’s a strange announcement that everyone was invited to a closed conference.

The event was supposed to be a progenitor of mankind, in other words an alien. Newsletter about the conference to non-existent e-mail addresses occurred in February 2017.

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According to the comments of journalists, the event was to tell people who they are, who created and for what purpose. Unfortunately, the event was not to happen: a private helicopter, which flew the very first crashed in new York.

According to the reporter of a famous newspaper (of course incognito) according to some, the wreck was staged by Illuminati and some religious services.

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Only survivor was the pilot of the helicopter, but he escaped. Probably afraid of the possible persecution. Police secretly investigating the case, but some data was able to find out. So, the crash was 100% rigged, and the Board definitely was an alien.

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