Santa Dimopoulos shared the seductive

Санта Димопулос поделилась соблазнительным снимкомAt the same time Santa showed incredible figure.

The ex-soloist “VIA Gry” posted a sexy picture in which she is depicted in a summer pantsuit with stripes, lying on the parapet.

The singer signed his photo: “Well, I again fell ill. Coughing so that the lungs are sick(( Yesterday morning started. What I just did, drank garlic water, making inhalation, breathing hot potatoes, drank all kinds of teas and syrups, chest smeared with eucalyptus ointment – not easier. Who do they call for an ambulance if you got so hot?”.

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Subscribers, as they could have supported the Santa good reviews and continue to do so until now. Just a couple of hours this photo Dimopoulos appreciated almost 7 million instagram users.

Санта Димопулос поделилась соблазнительным снимком

Style, spelling and punctuation Santa Dimopulos saved.

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