Scientists are concerned about the sharp termination of activity on the Sun

Ученые обеспокоены резким прекращением активности на Солнце For 37 days in a row the star has not appeared in a single spot.

The scientists noted that for thirty-seven days in the Sun no spots. The last time this occurred in 2009.

This year is likely to be significant because the solar minimum has already exceeded two times the standard duration. How many more bodies will not activity?

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As a rule, at the end of one solar cycle lasts for eleven years, the activity of the main star is reduced to a minimum, but in our case this period was delayed. Most likely, the anomaly is related to the weakening of the solar wind and its magnetic field.

Due to the weakened solar wind in our solar system comes more cosmic rays. Disappointing changes fixes all space vehicles, in particular station NASA. The number of rays reaching each time increases, it forces scientists to think seriously.

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It is safe to say that the new solar minimum will be much longer than the previous one, so people need to prepare for unexpected turns of events.

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