Scientists have uncovered new useful properties of coffee

Ученые раскрыли новые полезные свойства кофеCoffee can reduce the risk of developing liver cancer.

Scientists from the school of public health at Harvard told about the benefits of coffee in prevention of several diseases.

In a survey of 13 of thousands of volunteers, the experts came to the conclusion that consumption of this drink reduces the risk of heart failure by 11%, prevents the development of diabetes of the second degree and reduces the likelihood of Parkinson’s disease.

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We also found out that coffee can reduce the risk of developing liver cancer by 40-50%, because it makes the cells of this organ less sensitive to alcohol. More coffee protects against colon cancer.

Earlier, American scientists put coffee on top the list of foods that causes kidney stones. According to them, this drink greatly speeds up the work of the kidneys, when the body wears out quickly.

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