Season fungi: doctors reminded of basic safety precautions

Сезон грибов: врачи напомнили основные меры безопасности  In the fall the number of people poisoned by mushrooms is increasing dramatically, and all because they didn’t comply with safety measures during their collection and use.

To protect people from mass poisoning of wild mushrooms, doctors once again told us what mushrooms and where to collect and how to prepare it and what to do in case of first signs of poisoning.

Where you can and cannot collect mushrooms?

Experienced mushroom pickers always go deep into the forest, not looking for mushrooms near the roadway, because the exhaust gases are deposited on the earth including fungi and on the table you get to being poisoned by toxic substances products. Therefore, never collect mushrooms at the roadside, better to go out in the woods.

To buy or not to buy mushrooms at spontaneous markets?

Here is a decision made only by you, but the doctors strongly insist on the fact that the mushrooms were purchased in shops and markets where they first go through several stages of inspections. On spontaneous market can be sold mushrooms from some industrial areas or collected near highway – check, you can not, a word for everything possible.

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What mushrooms can you collect?

Professional mushroom pickers almost never wrong and only collect the good mushrooms, bringing the body exceptionally good. But those who went to the forest to pick mushrooms for the first time, I could be wrong and this error will be worth the health, and perhaps life, because mushroom poisoning is often fatal.

Forest doctors recommend collect only those mushrooms which you are confident. But it is worth remembering that almost every popular mushroom is poisonous “double”, so in the forest with a need to take someone who collects mushrooms constantly.

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What to do at the first signs (diarrhea, vomiting, fever, delirium, paleness of the face) mushroom poisoning:

– call an ambulance and to report that these signs of poisoning appeared after the use of mushrooms;

– to wash out the stomach with plain boiled water;

– if the doctors are still not profit – then need to be crushed into powder a few tablets of activated coal from calculation 1 tablet/10 kg of body weight and drink.

Do not refuse admission to the hospital, because if you feel better after gastric lavage – it does not mean that the process of intoxication with poisonous substances from mushrooms have stopped. Day after poisoning, it is important to be under the care of doctors who are able to react if the patient’s condition deteriorates.

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