Sold over ten million copies PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

Продано более десяти миллионов копий PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds continues to beat the popularity of other mastodons of Steam.

All right, now, it seems, no one doubts that PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds can be considered a universally recognized hit, although the actual game hasn’t even made it to release.

The developers said via Twitter that at the moment — that is, five and a half months after the release of Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown”s in “Early access” — has sold over ten million copies of the game on the PC. But just a couple of weeks ago the author Brendan Greene (Brendan Greene) told me at gamescom 2017, the number of copies sold has exceeded the mark of eight million.

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It is also worth noting that PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds continues to beat the popularity of other mastodons of Steam. For example, this month the number of simultaneous users multiplayer from Bluehole reached a record 960 950 people, while Dota 2 has managed to attract at the same time 876 395 players. Although a year ago (in September 2016) to MOBA from Valve has decided to play as many as 291 1 328 people, but for PUBG until the evening.

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According to Steam Spy users PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds spend more number of hours than they ever spent on other games on Steam made by Valve. Far behind were even such giants as Grand Theft Auto V, and Fallout 4.

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