Started the latest “beta” Sea of Thieves

Стартовала последняя «бета» Sea of ThievesOne of the new opportunities that appeared in the beta client, — delivery of animals.

Until that Sea of Thieves the impression of the best game in the world. Judge for yourself — it can be locked in a cage of some streamer. If you also think that only for this moment of humanity was worth coming all of your thorny way, don’t miss the final stage of testing the pirates adventure.

In terms of content the new version is richer than the one we were offered during the alpha testing, so that has something to do.

One of the new opportunities that appeared in the beta client, — delivery of animals. You will be asked to pick up from remote port pigs or chickens and bring them to your destination safe and sound. In the way of animals to feed, also do not forget about the pirates who only think about how to start their own farm!

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Another fun — capture the FORTS. Periodically in the sky there is a sign in the form of the skull, following which you will find a fortress with skeletons. After a fierce fight, the winners will be rewarded with treasure. There is only one snag — the key is only one, and candidates for the prize, usually much more. Here on a scene there is a social element Sea of Thieves — I can share loot with other users, take away all force or to come up with some trick.

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Rare warns — during MBT the load on the servers is especially high, so don’t be surprised if there are technical problems. The developers will try to fix all the problems on the fly, to 20 March, when the Sea of Thieves will launch on PC and Xbox One, everything went like clockwork.

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