The attack on teachers in Ivanteevka. The “sheep” began to kill the shepherds?

Recently was a blatant case. A 9th grade male student at the school shot in the face of a teacher from a pneumatic gun, and then finished off her shot of the kitchen hatchet on the head. the teacher in intensive care. The student was arrested, but apparently, again get off easy fright – a conditional sentence. In my opinion, the fault of the school administration, which in time expelled from school of the student who certainly in the past, there were cases of violation of school discipline, but the school does it is not punished, he insolent by impunity. And blame the school system, which forbids to punish a student for bullying a teacher. Here the disciples pluck of impunity. Students have already started to kill teachers because of impunity. What else should occur to school authorities take action? But the authorities not to apply any measures, according to tradition now start blaming the school psychologists, the teacher, or blame it on an accident of a mental disability of the student. School psychologists have never had any real authority to punish the student. School psychologists – this is the fifth wheel in the cart. They do not need a school. The teacher will blame the fact that it was her fault, that she provoked the student. The government will write off all the accident mental disorder of a student, the government will prove, a hundred for our school system, such cases of abuse, the beating and killing of teachers is not typical and are a Fluke. But the truth is that such egregious cases happen more and more often, because the disciples pluck of impunity.

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