The battle of aircraft carriers “Nimitz” against the Russian “Storm”

Битва авианосцев: "Нимиц" против российского "Шторма"

Russia in the near future will begin the construction of a new aircraft carrier. On the 25th of February was declared by the head of the Institute of shipbuilding and armaments of the military educational and scientific center of the Navy Nikolai Maksimov in interview to television channel “Star”.

“Envisages the construction of the aircraft carrier complex, which will include actual aircraft carrier, air wing and system-based”, — said the representative of the military.

As said the head of Department of forward planning of ships of the military educational and scientific center of the Navy Vladimir Pepelyaev, the new aircraft carrier will be equipped with a springboard for take-off and accelerating device, which will greatly increase the takeoff weight of the aircraft on the ship. As for planes on the aircraft carrier will be based on the marine version of the fifth generation fighter, the su-57.

Recall, about plans to Supplement the Navy aircraft carrier became known in April 2017. Then Russian Navy commander Vladimir Korolyov said that the work on the expansion of the aircraft fleet is, and “the problem will be solved”.

“There are regions in which we can have our national interests. And, of course, the aircraft carrier — it’s the support that shows that the state is ready to help, ready to assist in the fight against terrorists, global challenges and threats”, — said the commander in chief. He noted that the campaign of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” in the Mediterranean sea confirmed the ability of the Navy to protect Russia’s interests in the long lines.

In June 2017, the Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that to finish the project and to sign the contract is planned until 2025.

Explain we are talking about heavy aircraft carrier project 23000Э “Storm” with a displacement of 100 tons, able to carry air group of 80-90 aircraft. The length of the ship — 330 m, width — 40 m, maximum draught 11 m, speed — 30 knots. According to specs, it is comparable with the American aircraft carrier “Nimitz”. As reported in Krylov state research center in 2015, during the presentation of the project, the ship will be able to perform tasks in the distant ocean area, to strike enemy targets with their own weapons and aircraft of the air group, and provide air defense.

Experts noted that such a ship will cost the Treasury hundreds of billions of rubles. And that while the army could not afford because to solve the main task — to ensure that by 2020 70% of Russian weapons was new.

Will there be now a new aircraft carrier in the Navy, if he needed Russia?

— Construction of the “Storm” is only possible in the long term, — the President of Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences, captain 1st rank Konstantin Sivkov. The main problem is that the aircraft carrier complex, really expensive — for its construction it is necessary to restore the number of industries that were ditched in 1990-ies.

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While Russia, in my opinion, not to the carrier. An illustration of this is the decision on the suspension of work on the creation of a new combat railway missile system (rail-mobile missile systems) “Barguzin” — this was in December of 2017 reported to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Let me remind you, Soviet bzhrk with a rocket “Good” was withdrawn from service in 2005 in connection with the provisions of the Treaty start-2. However, the start-3 does not prohibit the creation of new missile complexes and “Barguzin” was planned to be developed until 2018. It was expected that new rail-mobile missile systems will far surpass the Soviet predecessor in terms of accuracy, range rockets and other characteristics. Such a “nuclear train”, I note, provides exceptional stability of the strategic forces of the Russian Federation.

But, as you can see, it did not happen. According to “RG”, release: “Bergusinov” could be due to funding problems. What can we say about asiannude complex, which is much more expensive?!

“SP”: — Why in the USSR, which had the necessary base of “classic” carriers not built — only heavy aircraft carrying cruiser?

In 1970-e years in the USSR addressed the issue of construction a series of carriers according to the project 1160, with a nuclear power plant and aircraft catapult takeoff su-27 on Board. It was considered, by 1986 the Union could build three of these ships. Their task could be controlling the deployment of aircraft carrier shock groups of the main enemy — the United States.

But the implementation is not reached, the idea was blocked by Dmitry Ustinov, then Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee for defense issues. He believed that a hybrid of cruiser and aircraft carrier looks more promising.

In my opinion, was because Ustinov was not a professional soldier, and did not fully understand the issue of using the Armed forces.

“SP”: — let’s Imagine that Russia would be a aircraft carrier group. What would that change?

— Let’s start with the fact that Russia already has aircraft carrier group, led by the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”. But you have to understand: the ship is about 30 years old, and his last trip to the shores of Syria were followed by several crashes. Already in place, there were two accidents with the fighters. First, because of some technical fault during landing, fell into the sea MiG-29K. Then because of the breakage of rope for the deck rolled out the su-33. In General, the cost of maintenance of the cruiser in the Syrian Arab Republic, according to expert estimates, amounted to about 10 billion rubles.

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Now the “Kuznetsov” on the repair. As stated in the United shipbuilding Corporation, he will continue until 2020. In need of a major overhaul, machine installation, modernization of weapons systems, navigation equipment, communication systems.

And if we had an aircraft carrier “Storm” — there would be no problems in Syria, where a small group videoconferencing from 35-40 cars, working at a furious pace, was forced to solve problems of a division. We could, in the presence of a modern aircraft carrier groups, to protect Libya. Plus could provide cover Venezuela, and in return receive economic preferences and the chance to place its naval base.

Carriers, I believe, really need Russia. But the necessary political will and a strong economy. Anything similar I do not see.

— I don’t see the point in building a new aircraft carrier — objection Colonel, member of the Expert Council of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Viktor murakhovski. — One carrier strike group, in my opinion, capable of performing the task of showing the flag in peacetime, and to be a symbol of sea power — no more. If to speak about the confrontation at sea with US, there is a lot of questions.

I do not believe that we should compete in this area with the Americans. USA, let me remind you, today have 11 carrier strike groups. Balanced responses in these situations tend to yield no results.

“SP”: — Will there be built “Storm”?

— I doubt it. In the current state armaments program funds for the construction of such a ship is not provided. It may be possible to work on separate areas of the same electromagnetic catapults, complexes of naval aviation. But again, prospects for building such a ship I don’t see and don’t think its the tab at the shipyard will be held.

We have in the fleet, frankly, and aircraft carrier without problems. There is, as they say, on what really to spend the money. And the main focus, I believe, should be the development of military shipbuilding as a whole and not separate the implementation of prestigious projects.

It is clear why the aircraft carriers built by the Americans. The main task of the US support of the so-called oversee operations, “overseas operations”. In the preamble to the US military budget explicitly States that one of the key goals is the construction of the Navy.

But if Russia is not going to conduct large-scale overseas operations — the question inevitably arises: why do we need carrier strike group? The answer, I think, is obvious.

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