The beneficial properties of broccoli, which few people know

Полезные свойства брокколи, о которых мало кто знаетThis variety of cabbage called one of the most useful.

Broccoli contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients, whereby to overestimate its properties to human health is simply impossible. What can I say, if the amount of protein and amino acids lysine and tryptophan inferior to meat and broccoli. The only difference is that the protein in the Kale has a vegetable origin, and therefore is absorbed faster and does not lead to excessive load on the digestive tract.

About these beneficial properties of broccoli you might not even guess:

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– reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood vessels, thereby cleaning them and maintaining flexibility;

– prevents the development of osteoporosis;

– cares about the condition of the hair and nails;

– protects against all types of cancer, eliminating cancer cells not allowing them to share;

– contains omega-3 fatty acids, and therefore it can be used in the prevention of senile dementia and atherosclerosis;

– stimulates the immune system;

– improves the blood, accelerates blood circulation;

– prevents deterioration of vision, and the development of eye diseases such as cataract;

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– calms the nerves, so useful for people with shattered nervous system and those who are prone to stress;

– improves metabolism and allows you to forget about constipation;

– helps to get rid of extra pounds even if you eat it fried and oven baked with butter;

– heals diseases of the stomach, as rich in fiber and other nutrients.

Doctors recommend to eat broccoli as often as possible, as the health benefits it brings is immense.

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