The best way to colon cleanse at home

Назван лучший способ очищения кишечника в домашних условияхThis method is popular because is simple and effective.

In the intestine together with food and drinks that people consume every day, gets a lot of toxic substances, carcinogenic fats, and in some cases the food is not digested until the end, which its remnants can condense on the walls of the digestive organ, and it can inflict serious harm.

In this regard, doctors recommend time clean the intestines of any safe methods, for example, arranging handling days every 1-2 weeks or eating for 5-7 days exclusively vegetarian food.

In folk medicine, too, there are many ways to clean the intestines and the most popular of these is the intake of flax seed mixed with unrefined sunflower oil.

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The recipe for effective bowel cleansing:

100 g of crushed in a coffee grinder of Flaxseed pour 250 ml of oil, cover the container lid and leave to infuse in a cool dark place for a week. Every day you need to shake the jar so the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Before each use of its mixture mix thoroughly.

To take this remedy for bowel cleansing should be a tablespoon an hour before meals three times a day for 10 consecutive days.

Preferably the entire period of cleansing the colon eat plant foods and fish, but meat, flour, alcohol, soda, packaged juices, sugar, sausages, fast foods and other harmful meals should be abandoned.

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Diseases in which this method will provide the healing properties on the body: hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, tumors in the female genital organs, enterocolitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, colitis, allergies, bladder infection, kidney disease, bronchitis, weakened immune system and so on.

In case of cholecystitis can use this method of bowel cleansing is possible, but to take flax seeds in this case you should not an hour before a meal and during it.

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