The Chinese space station with toxic substances will fall to the Ground

Китайская космическая станция с токсическими веществами упадет на Землю The future of a falling object can be calculated at the end of March.

Currently flying in space Chinese space station, on Board of which are toxic substances. The device is not controlled by scientists, so the trajectory of its flight to adjust it is impossible.

Experts after some calculations, found out that the station is likely to land on the territory of the United States, namely Michigan. It will happen around the third of April.

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Tiangong-1 is now moving to southern Michigan, said scientists of the Aerospace Corporation. However, at any moment the station can be displaced under the action of certain space objects. Thus, the apparatus may fall also in the North of China, in the Central area of Italy, South Africa or America.

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To say exactly where we should expect “shooting star”, scientists will be able at the end of March 2018, when the Tiangong-1 will orbit close to the Earth.

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