The Eiffel tower going to repaint in red

Эйфелеву башню собираются перекрасить в красный цвет The main attractions of Paris can bring back the original color.

The authorities of Paris in collaboration with the Ministry of culture of France are considering the option of painting the Eiffel tower red.

It is noted that red is the original color of the tower in which it was painted under the idea of the architect Gustave Eiffel. After this the monument was repainted in yellow, mustard and ohrany color.

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“We will priotkroem and revive old colors, restoring its former appearance. This will give some food for thought on whether to add something to the current color” — the expert believes.

It is noted that for 129 years it has been repainted 19 times. The final decision on the color change is still pending.

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