The experts came up with an interesting way to search for life on other planets

Эксперты придумали интересный способ поиска жизни на других планетах Plan to track space debris around the planet.

For many it is no secret that our “blue ball” surrounded today a huge amount of space debris. This huge dump of handmade objects has been there for quite a long time, but only now it gave scientists a very interesting supposition: what if the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations also this sin? Suddenly around the planet, inhabited by aliens, also worn the debris of satellites and spacecraft? Desperate to get in contact with aliens, some experts are willing to consider even such a seemingly unlikely possibility.

Spanish astronomer Hector Sokas-Navarro from the Institute of astrophysics of the Canary Islands have long been watching space debris in earth orbit. In fact, the direct responsibility of this specialist is the study of the Sun, but every year more and more scientist draws attention to the artificial objects and their fragments, impeding the observation of the sun.

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The astronomer recently came to the startling conclusion that a technologically advanced “green men” who, as we entered the space age, probably also have to leave near their planets in the belt of space debris. If their garbage, like ours, consists of metal parts, it must reflect the light of the parent star, and this gloss may be visible from Earth.

Inspired by his idea, Sokas Navarro has conducted a number of experiments using ten-meter infrared telescope. Despite the fact that no space debris alien Hispanic is not found, he determined that theoretically, this can be done. However, this will take at least 200 years.

Scientist estimate that is when our technology reached such a development that will allow us to detect the metal debris in orbit of some distant exoplanet. Now the earth’s telescopes are so thin that can’t distinguish the debris from the natural ring surrounding the potentially habitable celestial body.

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However, ufologists immediately ridiculed the theory of Hector. First, they say, aliens don’t need to search – they have long here on Earth. Second, space debris is a sign of the immaturity of civilization that the earthlings will sooner or later have to fight. And any “little green men” can be found this way?

The same as we are now, there is still little understanding in space and the Universe, but it is very aggressive? And do we need such contact with the “brothers on reason” even now, not to mention 200 years later?

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