The Japanese diet: minus seven kilograms in two weeks

Японская диета: минус семь килограмм за две неделиThis method is the most popular and effective weight loss.

Spring has just begun, and wanting to lose weight is becoming more and more with each passing day. Online you can find many effective diets thanks to which the extra pounds accumulated over the winter will quickly fade away. But not all methods nutritionists approve and permit to use them, because the deficiency of a substance can lead to serious health problems.

The principles of the Japanese diet

Many people often ignore this diet, because I think that the authors will offer them there are rice, seafood and raw fish. But in fact, the diet named “the Japanese” not because of the menu, and because I developed it Japanese nutritionists.

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The main rule of the Japanese diet – lowering daily caloric intake as much as possible.

This diet is considered one of the most strict, but very economical and effective. For two weeks people can get rid of the 7 extra pounds, as well as significantly reduce the cost of buying food.

What you can eat in the Japanese diet:

– cabbage;

– zucchini and eggplant;

– carrot;

– any fruit, except grapes and bananas;

– lean white meat;

– fish and seafood;

– olive oil;

– rye bread;

– chicken eggs.

What to drink in two weeks diet:

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green tea;

natural coffee;

– yogurt;

natural tomato juice.

The approximate menu for one day on the principle of the Japanese diet:

Breakfast: a Cup of coffee and one boiled egg.

Lunch; boiled cabbage 100 g olive oil, 150-200 g of baked chicken fillet.

Dinner: 200g grilled fish, a glass of fresh tomato juice.

On the second Breakfast and afternoon tea can be consumed fruit or milk drinks.

Before you sit on the Japanese diet, you need to consult with your doctor to weigh all “for” and “against”, and only then make the decision in favor of the technique, as it is not suitable for everyone.

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