The newspaper told about the plans of the Central Bank to ban the translation of money from the card “the World”

Газета рассказала о планах Центробанка запретить автоперевод денег с карт "Мир"

The Central Bank of Russia may limit the translation (automatic transfer from one account to another) of money from the card “the World” to cards of other payment systems. On Monday, July 10, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The newspaper reminds that according to the law to accounts, who are paid state employees, can only be bound to the map “the World”, but people can turn on the translation of cash on cards of other banks.

A source told the publication about “serious meetings” in the Central Bank about how you can restrict the taxpayers from the card “the World”. Interviewed by “Vedomosti” experts believe that the Central Bank will issue a normative act on which banks are not able to connect the function of translation to the accounts of the public sector.

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“The idea is to limit the taxpayers that customers will be uncomfortable every once in manual mode, you can transfer funds so that they are more likely to use “World””, the newspaper writes.

The representative of the Central Bank, the newspaper has not confirmed nor denied.

1 may the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a law that required banks to use only national payment system in the implementation of operations under accounts of physical persons receiving cash payments from the budget or state extra-budgetary funds.

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According to VTSIOM, every fifth Russian intends to issue the card “the World”. At the same time now its users are only three percent of the population.

“Mir” — the Russian national payment system, its operator is the national system of payment cards (nvqs). The necessity of creation of nvqs appeared in the summer of 2014, when Visa and MasterCard because of U.S. sanctions against Russia stopped servicing cards of some Russian banks.

Russian banks issued over five million cards “the World”. Now they produce more than 70 financial organisations and take over 95 percent of terminals and ATMs with cash withdrawal function.

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