The scientists said the effect of the melting ice in the Arctic in USA

Ученые рассказали, как влияет таяние льдов Арктики на СШАExperts from the US researched the issue of climate change in the Arctic.

With increasing growth in the summer and winter temperature regimes in the Arctic with Russia and Canada, in the United States may occur particularly harsh and snowy winter. This can happen because of the shift of the cold Arctic air toward the mainland of North America.

Experts from the US researched the issue of climate change in the Arctic and estimated its impact on the United States. It turns out that if continued growth of Arctic temperature regimes in winter and summer, winter for residents of the United States of America is threatening to become a particularly snowy and harsh. The fact that warming leads to changes in the wind direction, and the next shift can bring to the Central part of mainland North America the cold air of the Arctic.

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In the last few years in the United States have already been observed anomalies with extremely cold winters accompanied by heavy snowfall. Concerns about the fact that weather changes can be associated with the melting of the Arctic ice appeared in the scientific world two years ago. Recently, these assumptions have received evidence after the study of ice thickness in the Arctic.

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Most are subjected to cold winters of the North-Eastern part of the country and territory from the Rocky mountains. Scientists also believe that soon the process of cooling will affect the countries of Asia and Europe.

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